What We Do

We tell stories.  In print.  Online.  On target.

By this we mean that we find the audience for your products.  We develop a comprehensive plan to tell your story and how to measure results every step of the way.  We execute the plan within budget limitations. 

Sounds simple.  However, consider the way we plan and develop creative solutions to difficult marketing communications problems.  We view marketing communications as a two way street requiring listening as well as speaking skills. 

Certainly we learn about our client’s customers and understand what they want to hear.  We also create content-rich tools to attract interest from prospects looking for certain things.  In this manner they can declare what is important to them.  We hear them and then we continue to nurture that interest so that when they are ready to buy you are uppermost in their mind.

A typical communications plan

• Overview of what’s happening in your markets

• Communications Objectives

• Communications Strategy

• Brand Identity

• Online Presence – Web and Social

• Development of Marketing Paths for prospects to follow

• Plan to attract sales leads

• Development of Lead Generation Tools

• Media Advertising

• Direct Mail

• Online Communications

• Social Media

• Lead Nurturing Plan

  Prospect Maintenance tools

  Prospect Engagement tools

  Interest Acceleration tools

• Collateral Sales Materials

  Brochures, pamphlets and sales sheets


  Sales Kits

• Public Relations Program

• Measuring Results

• Implementation Plan

• Budget